Auston Matthews is known for making some pretty bold fashion choices. Most recently, the Toronto Maple Leafs star player sported a blue-suit-white-turtleneck combo that had fans making all kinds of Anchorman comparisons. But this is far from the first time that one of Matthews’ outfits has made our jaws drop. From stunning three-piece suits to some more questionable ensembles, we’ve rounded up 19 Auston Matthews outfits that prove this NHL player is a true fashion icon.

While the Leafs' All-Star jerseys were met with harsh and widespread criticism, Matthews still managed to dress to impress at the weekend's festivities. 

Despite being unable to participate in the competition, AM34 was still able to wow fans with his spot-on Ron Burgundy look.

And, whether he’s rocking a turquoise suit or cozying up in one of his friend Justin Bieber's hoodies, there’s no denying the Arizona-raised star is one of the more daring puckers around when it comes to fashion. 

Dressing up in a nice suit is a longstanding hockey tradition, but this newer generation of players has taken its fashion game to whole new levels. 

And Matthews is leading the way, whether you approve of his outfits or not. Between hot girl summers and GQ cover shots, you can feast your eyes on these looks.

I'm Aust-Ron Burgundy

Do you think Auston's condo has many leather-bound books and smells of rich mahogany?

Jim Halpert? Don't Know Him

Jenna Fischer — aka, of course, Pam Beesly-Halpert from The Office — was all smiles next to this pinstriped masterpiece, and we don't blame her either.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Who wore this famous "ugly sweater" better, Matthews or Ryan Reynolds? It doesn't really matter, as it was all for SickKids charity. 

Par For The Course

Talk about a hole-in-one! Even in the offseason, he's dressed to impress. That's quite the hat.

Bohemian Matth-sody

Raise your hand if you were totally rocked by this look. Matthews is a king to many Leafs fans, but he was all about Queen here. Halloween level? Killer Queen.

The Summer Of Tye-Dye

Oversized Ts, shorts, etc. It was all tye-dye all the time back in the hot weather. And we're not complaining!

Serving A Serious Look

I mean, can you even with this one? Siri, define "debonair."

Striking A Pose For GQ

Looks like someone came completely ready for his close-up, and what a treat they got. Suave AF.

It's All Gucci 

Is it just us or is he looking more and more like his buddy Biebs?

Cold Up Top, Eh Bud?

A toque with shorts? It doesn't get much more Canadian than that. We also think Auston could be Adam Sandler's long-lost son here.

Just Call Him 00...34?

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It's no mystery why this look is on this list. Serious James Bond vibes right here.

More Passion For Fashion

Auston Matthews + this green vest, name a more iconic duo... we'll wait.

Rolling Up To The Rink Like...

Rocking his best (well, second-best) burgundy look for game night.

All Zipped Up

Don't think we didn't clock those amazing plaid pants too.

Getting Grungy 

NHL star or early-'90s rockstar? Auston clearly went for the power-chords-with-heavy-distortion look this day.

Award-Winning Looks

Seriously, though, where's the award for this amazing suit?

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