Even celebrities can’t get enough of the NBA finals. Apparently, the queen and her king have entered the Oracle Arena in Oakland. While we may not mean the literal royal queen, we do mean the queen of music and literally everything else. That’s right. Beyonce and Jay Z were at the Raptors NBA Finals game tonight in Oakland. If this isn’t relationship goals, I don’t know what is. 

The game is well on its way to completion and we have seen some pretty amazing things so far. However, arguably, one of the most amazing things to grace the court is the Queen B herself; Beyonce. 

Of course, she didn’t come alone and her husband Jay-Z is right there with her. At least he isn’t attending the game with Becky with the good hair. 

The couple looks iconic while they sit courtside. Of course, they have the best seats in the house. According to Ticketmaster, courtside seats for tonight's game were $95,000 USD each. This makes them $127,513.75 CAD for one ticket. So it only makes sense that with Jay-Z’s recent billionaire status, they could afford them. 

Tons of pictures and videos of the couple have been posted online and they are goals to the max. The couple can be seen laughing and smiling at each other during the game and Beyonce looks arguably the best she ever has!

While it is unsure who they are cheering for, since they were quiet on their social media and didn't wear any team apparel, we are just glad they showed up. 

They aren’t the only celebrities who have been caught enjoying the game tonight. G-Eazy, Raptors superman Nav Bhatia, and members of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are also taking in the game. 

During Game 2, Shawn Mendes was seen mingling with Drake on the courtside. These two Canadian singers blew up the internet with their friendship and we are secretly hoping it happens again soon. 

It may not be the Golden Globes or Met Gala, but it sure is fun seeing what big names will show up to the game. 

With a few more games to go and tickets still available for thousands and thousands of dollars, some celebrities are bound to show up!

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