Remember that anxious feeling you would get the night before a big final exam?  Now imagine that exact same situation, except that the entire world will be watching you write. That's basically how much pressure the players are under for Game 5 Raptors vs Warriors at Scotiabank Arena tonight, and Toronto fans are feeling equally as stressed.

Toronto fans are literally losing sleep over tonight's game.  And really, who can blame them? Toronto is just one win away from claiming the NBA Championship, and tonight could be the night that Toronto sweeps the nation with a history-changing victory.

So it comes as little surprise that Torontonians can't catch some Z's the night before what might be the most epic game in Raptors history. Some diehard fans have been camping outside of Scotiabank Arena for days for a chance to get into Jurassic Park. That's commitment.

Raptors President Masai Ujiri came out to greet the fans camping outside Jurassic Park last night, proving that there definitely are perks to staying up all night in the name of the Raptors!

Fans have been in line since Friday in order to secure their spots in Jurassic Park. Only true fans would understand that there's no such thing as going overboard when it comes to demonstrating devotion to the team!

Those in line this morning battled the rain and wind, but not even a little inclement weather could stave Raptors fans from engaging in the pre-game excitement.  After all, we're from Toronto - we can handle it.

Ironically, Kyle Lowry isn't nervous for tonight's game.  "Being able to provide for me and my brother, my family, that’s pressure," Lowry told reporters yesterday, as he described his childhood and how his family raised him.

"That’s pressure to me. Just the willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that your kid will see better than what you’ve ever seen, and getting up and taking public transportation an hour and a half away. People like that are heroes to me. Just going to work and grinding and doing whatever it takes to provide for your family and protect who you have to protect."

Rest up, Toronto.  We're in for a big night.

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