As “Kawhi watch” bleeds into yet another nail-biting week, cities seem to be pulling out all the stops to convince the player that their side of the fence is best. DJ Steve Aoki recently threw his hat into the race offering Kawhi Leonard free pizza for life and a record-breaking party in the MVP's honour if he chooses the Lakers.

Aoki took things a step further unveiling a giant mural of Kawhi in a Lakers jersey over the weekend outside of his famous Pizzaoki shop in Venice. The massive painting illustrates Kawhi holding an NBA Championship Trophy, but wearing purple and yellow team colours instead of red and white.

Aoki's attempts to win Kawhi over seemed way too similar to those made by Toronto fans during the Raptors NBA Finals run:

In Toronto, the NBA all-star has been offered everything from millions of dollars in free real estate to free food. Not to mention all those murals. It's easy to think that Aoki is taking a page out of Toronto’s book to make the player feel welcome in LA, or at the very least, he is trying to fight fire with fire.


Aoki told TMZ Sports that if Kawhi signs with the Lakers, he will personally throw him a massive pizza party outside The Staples Center. The player will also be granted free pizza for life at any the producer’s 12 Pizzaoki locations around Los Angeles.


Rumours have started swirling week that Kawhi is seriously considering a contract with the Lakers. Fans were sent into a frenzy last night after Former Cleveland Cavaliers player Kendrick Perkins added fire to that speculation with a tweet that seemed to suggest that the player had all but made his final decision.

However, it’s worth noting that Perkins offered up no evidence to support his claims. According to Sportsnet, he isn’t exactly an insider when it comes to the deal. So rest assured, Toronto fans, there's still hope.

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