The Raptors have been an unstoppable force since the start of the playoffs. They swept the Brooklyn Nets and broke all kinds of records in Game 4 of the series. However, it wasn’t all victory and good news. After much anticipation, the NBA has announced the details of Kyle Lowry’s injury: a sprained left ankle.

“Kyle Lowry has been diagnosed with a left ankle sprain," said the NBA on Monday.

"Lowry underwent an MRI on the NBA Campus in Orlando after the injury, which occurred in the first quarter of Sunday evening’s game. His condition will be updated as appropriate."

Unfortunately, there has been no timeline announced for his return.

This news is hard to swallow for some Toronto fans. They've taken to Twitter demand they be able to donate their left ankles to Lowry.

"My ankles are in the mail. He can have them," said one desperate fan. "Sawing my ankle off for him. BRB," tweeted another.

It looks like Toronto wants to see K-Low on the court so badly that they are willing to donate their appendages. 

Before his injury, Lowry had fans laughing before Sunday's game. 

During the US national anthem, Lowry could be seen holding back laughter as the saxophone let out a particularly long squeak.

The Raptors are set to face the Boston Celtics for Game 1 on Thursday night. Raptors fans everywhere are likely saying a prayer for Lowry's speedy recovery right about now.


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