After the Raptors won the NBA Finals, it was mayhem in Toronto. Fans and players alike took part in a massive party that seemed like it would never end. However, there was one Raptor who took celebrations to a whole new level - Marc Gasol. Gasol, who just became a FIBA World Cup champion, is having the summer of a lifetime. He unleashed his beautiful inner party-monster once again at Spain's victory celebration.

Gasol led the Spanish national team to victory during the FIBA World Cup on Monday, defeating Argentina 95-75. It marked his second major trophy win this year, and it also set the player off on another hilarious well-earned bender.

Gasol took to Twitter on Monday to share a brief clip of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, with the caption “Here we go again! BEERPAPI” underneath it. If that isn’t the war cry of a man about to celebrate his heart out, I don’t know what is.

During the Spanish national team’s victory parade, Gasol could be spotted up to his usual shenanigans. Drunken dancing, beer-chugging, and sloppy interviews were all a part of the baller’s second championship parade of the year. 

Gasol got to live out his Queen-inspired dreams during the celebration when “We Are The Champions” began blasting through the speakers during their victory rally. It’s uncertain whether or not the player had anything to do with the playlist, but it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if he did.

Perhaps, the best part of the whole celebration was that they actually let Gasol give a speech! The Raptor was famously denied the mic during the team’s celebration rally due to his complete inebriation. However, Gasol managed to pull it together this time and gave a few words to the crowd during the event.

Gasol, you are truly an icon. Canada is lucky to have you!



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