The dust has finally settled, the pieces have fallen into place; The Raptors' first 2019 playoff round against Orlando Magic begins this Saturday. The news of the upcoming game, which had previously been shrouded in mystery due to several previously undetermined variables, has Raptor fans celebrating what they are calling a stroke of luck. Toronto can hardly wait for NBA playoff madness to begin.

Raptors fans flooded Twitter following the announcement last night to a release a collective sigh of relief following the news that their team would be playing Orlando, a team that the Raptors stand a good chance of beating, reports claim.

Raptors fans rejoiced at the news, confident that the team would now progress with ease. Some users even went as far to thank their lucky stars that Toronto wasn't facing off against some other team, such as the Wizards:

"Piece of cake" and "clean sweep" were just a few of the comments being thrown around about the face-off between Toronto and Orlando, who are set face off April 13th:

Unlike Orlando, who hasn't been in the playoffs since 2011-2012, the Raptors have clinched a spot for the sixth year in a row with the hopes of making it all the way to the NBA Finals this year. According to, the proof might be in the pudding. The Raptors are looking good, averaging 114.7 points in a 47.4 percent shooting compared to the Magic who are averaging 107.3 points on 45.4 percent shooting.

The Raptors are currently allowing a 34.5 percent shooting from deep and are snatching up 45.2 percent of rebounds a game. The Raptors also tend to do well at home, winning five of their last seven home games.

It's tough to predict what will really go down on Sunday, but given the fact that it's a home game and the Raptors are hungry to prove themselves, there is a good chance that it might just turn out to be a clean sweep after all. 



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