Safety is a big deal when it comes to sports and athletes, and the same thing goes for the fans who come and enjoy the games. Recognizing that fact, the Toronto Blue Jays announced on Tuesday that they'll be upgrading Rogers Centre safety by upgrading their protective netting for fans by next year, 2020. The move comes after an intensifying of the debate around stadium safety in North America.

The Rogers Centre - as well as Dunedin Stadium, where the Jays conduct their spring training in Florida - will both see the current netting expand further along the baselines after reports of many injuries to fans throughout the years, reports Sportsnet.

Andrew Miller, the Blue Jay’s executive vice president for business operations, explained how fan safety is important to the Blue Jays organization and how fans "...should feel protected and secure during our games."

"Extending the protective netting at Rogers Centre and Dunedin Stadium is a clear next step for our organization and one that reflects our team's values," Miller continued.

"As fans and followers of the game, it is vitally important for us to preserve and enhance the live baseball experience, while also ensuring everyone who visits our ballparks can do so safely."

The current netting stretches from one dugout to the next.

There's no word if the Jays will follow in the same footsteps as the Chicago White Sox and Washington Nationals, who changed their own respective netting earlier this season, but you can definitely expect to see some changes next year!

Some fans are totally for the safety-conscious change, but some feel otherwise. They took to Twitter to express their, erm, emotions on the issue.

However, while a portion of the Blue Jays fan base took issue with the safety measure, there seem to also be plenty who see the sense in the move and are totally down for it.

In particular, some Twitter users seemed shocked by the complaints coming in about the change.

Anyway, whether you're for it or against it, you can expect to see a major change come next MLB season.

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