Are you starved for more #TMo content? Well, we’re here to satisfy your appetite. Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly appeared on the April 29 finale episode of Canada's Great Kitchen Party: Home Edition and fans were eating it up. 

Their adorable sushi-and-wine date came with a serious shout-out for popular West Vancouver restaurant Zen

The pair are holed up in Vancouver right now and that particular eatery is a staple of Rielly’s diet, according to Tessa. 

The power couple started their stream with a wine "cheers" because, as Rielly pointed out, it’s bad luck not to.

Seriously, how sweet are they?

And, much like the last time these two appeared together on a live stream, there was nothing but smiles and heart-eyes all around. 

Canada’s Great Kitchen Party: Home Edition, which aired on Wednesday nights, has become a serious highlight for #TMo while they continue to keep each other "sane" in isolation.

“You know, Wednesday has become our favourite night of the week thanks to you guys,” Virtue stated on the show. 

Rielly jokingly replied: “Yeah, cause we’re not cooking, which is bad. It’s not a good sign.”

The show features a number of Canadian artists and athletes and is designed to help support the country's restaurants in uncertain times.

Virtue and Rielly couldn’t help but gush over how much fun this three-part series has been so far.

“We’re loving all the musicians, their acts, hearing from the various athletes and connecting with our Kitchen Party family. It’s been so so special,” Virtue stated.

Rielly, who was on the other side of the camera in last week’s episode, expressed how excited he is to be involved. 

“I feel so lucky just to be a part of it,” he said.

But wait, isn’t the thought of Rielly as Virtue’s cameraman just the cutest thing ever?

When Virtue admitted that the couple would be going through Kitchen Party withdrawals next week, Rielly stepped in with the perfect solution. 

“We’ll just do our own video, we just won’t share it,” the Leafs star suggested.

“Our own performance karaoke? No, you guys are welcome, we’ll save you from that," Virtue laughed.

Hang on, #TMo Karaoke? We’d like to see that video, please.

Naturally, fans of the power couple were all in their feelings after tuning in to the live date.

"I still can't think properly to express the wave of good feelings I'm feeling. For now, I just want to thank the universe for this," one fan tweeted.

"Man, I love being third-wheeled through the screen," said another.

We're with you on that one!

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