On an average day, you can assume most NHL players are probably loading up on boring chicken and veggies. But, when cheat day rolls around, the Toronto Maple Leafs' diets go straight out the window. From double cheeseburgers to bowls of ice cream soup (yep), these guilty pleasures are about to make your mouth water. 

When they’re not enjoying their at-home chefs, the chances of you running into your favourite Leafs player dining out in the 6ix are actually pretty good. 

Between noted favourite restaurants like Sugo and Sotto Sotto, the city's hockey stars have several suggestions for how you can treat (or punish) your stomach.

And, with several players choosing to reside in Etobicoke over downtown Toronto, you could realistically spot your favourite player indulging nearly anywhere in the GTA. 

Even your local McDonalds could be filled with Nylander and his squad at any time.

Who wants a McWilly?

Some players enjoy junk food more than others, of course.

Take Morgan Rielly and his Doritos obsession, for example. One thing’s for sure, he’s not sharing them with BFF Auston Matthews this year.

So take a look below and get ready for some serious cravings to take over.

We'll Take A McWilly, No Pickles Please

According to a Sportsnet interview, Nylander's favourite cheat meal is some classic McDonalds. We feel you Willy. Though, it seems every day is cheat day, according to The Athletic.

"I eat everything anyway. There’s nothing really that I don’t eat. I don’t really have a diet and keep myself away from stuff," Nylander admits. 

But, if his fashion choices are any indication, odds are you might run into him at Sugo on Bloor.

How About A Kappy Meal Instead?

It turns out you might see Kasperi Kapanen rolling up to McD's with his pal Nylander, too. In the same Athletic article, Kappy reveals he keeps it pretty clean... most of the time.

"But if I have a cheat day I’ll probably go to McDonald’s. Something quick like a burger. You’ve got to be ready for the whole season. I try to eat as much as chicken and salad as I can." Fair play.

The Matthews Mix

When it comes to this fashion icon, variety is the spice of life. On a cheat day, you might spot AM34 at Toronto's Sotto Sotto, Jacobs Steakhouse, or Lee, his favourite Asian-fusion restaurant in the city, according to a previous interview with GQ.

"I'll go (to Lee) with my parents or, maybe, if I find a lucky girl I'll take her there on a date or something," Matthews revealed in the magazine. 

Though, if he's craving a taste of his heritage, you might spot him at XOLA munching on some Mexican eats.

Ice Cream, But Make It Soup

When it comes to cheat day for Magic Mitch Marner, you can bet there won't be any veggies on the table.

When asked in a Q&A with The Athletic, the hockey player exclaimed: "Pfffff. Vegetables — don’t really like vegetables. Mostly all of them."

So, it looks like it's ice cream soup or bust for this winger.

Captain John "I'll-Take-A-Salad" Tavares

It turns out Tavares is a bit of a health nut. In fact, Toronto's The Simple Kitchen even named one of their chia bowls after the Leafs captain. 

However, on days when he does indulge, you might find him mowing down on some chicken parm, according to a Q&A on NHLPA.

Mo' Rielly, Mo' Chips

In a video posted on NHL.com, long-standing Leaf Morgan Rielly revealed he can't go to the grocery store without stopping for some Sweet Chili Heat Doritos.

He goes on to admit that he also has to force himself to stay out of the ice cream aisle. 

We wonder if Mo ever shares that Doritos addiction with rumoured bae Tessa Virtue?


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