Take off your skates, it’s time to get comfy. Without hockey to keep them (and us) entertained, you might be wondering how Toronto Maple Leafs players are keeping busy in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Well, don’t worry. The team has found a number of creative ways to have fun and we’ve laid it all out for you right here.

Between competitive rounds of Catan with their S/Os, DIY haircuts, and possibly the cutest self-isolation live streams, there’s been more than enough content to keep Leafs fans satisfied during the NHL pause. 

From lighthearted puppy pics to more serious PSAs, the Leafs have been filling our timelines with content all week.

Auston Matthews may claim he’s just "chillin'" but it’s not all R&R for these athletes.

With gyms and workout facilities closing, the Toronto hockey players have had to opt for at-home workouts instead. 

Because even if the return of hockey is uncertain, it’s important to stay in shape, right? 

Speaking of at-home workouts, we’re still waiting for those particular Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly videos to surface. 

But until that happens, why not take a peek at the list below and see just what your favourite team is doing?

Games On Games

Mitch Marner and Steph Lachance are just one of many adorable Leafs couples and they're spending this time playing board games together. Cute!

Apparently, 22-year-old Mitch's competitive streak hasn't slowed down during self-isolation. 

"My girlfriend and me we've been hanging out for the past six or seven days now... we've been playing board games so it gets heated through those moments," Marner shared on one of Arkells lead singer Max Kerman's live streams.

So Long Hockey, So Long Hockey Hair

We've already come to the conclusion that Kasperi Kapanen and Paige Lorenze are basically #CoupleGoals. 

Self-isolation has these two spending plenty of time indoors together and we can't get enough.

And, with no hair salon to go to, Lorenze took Kappy's fabulous flow into her own hands. So long, hockey hair!

All Chill, No Thrill

Everyone's favourite fashion icon, Auston Matthews, has been relatively quiet since social distancing came into play and the NHL season went on pause.

But don't worry if you're wondering what AM34 is up to at the moment.

In his own words, he's just been "chillin'."

Heart-Eyes All Around

Canadian power couple Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly also joined Kerman on his live stream, which naturally had fans in their feelings. 

Whispers that the pair were an item have been circling for some time, but this very public self-isolation update finally confirmed the rumours.

It turns out the pair are currently in Vancouver enjoying the mountains, staying fit, and catching up on some reading. 

Kitty Cat Cuddles

Just when you thought the nicest Leafs player couldn't get any sweeter, Jack Campbell hits us with this super cute cat cuddle.

Campbell and his fur baby Keola are giving those adorable Leafs couples a run for their money, if you ask us.


Dubas A Favour And Stay Home

Leafs GM, Kyle Dubas took a break from his busy day of hockey strategizing to share this adorable social distancing message. 

Way to spread the word, Kyle!

We're surprised Dubas seems to be the one person who hasn't been on Arkells' stream yet, given his longstanding bromance with Kerman.

Plank The Curve, Literally

Kerman's been a busy man, though.

While we're all staying home in an attempt to plank the curve, Leafs defenceman Tyson Barrie told the Arkells frontman he is keeping busy actually planking. 

He added that he's been doing lots of push-ups, squats, and Pelaton classes too. Okay, we get it, you're in shape.

 Sharing Paw-sitive Vibes

Matthews and his pup Nala look pretty, pretty happy to be stuck at home together in these snaps.

In fact, photos of Leafs adorable doggos brightened up all of our TLs on Monday, March 23 for National Puppy Day. 

If you didn't see all of that wholesome content, you can check out Leafs and Raptors puppy photos here.

Keeping It Clean

Morgan Rielly took a quick break from hiking through the mountains with Tessa to show everyone how important it is to wash your hands.

Talk about good clean content.

And kudos to the fans who spotted that, yes, this does look a lot like Virtue's house.

Fortnite With The Fans

Zach Hyman, children's author, TML star, and gaming fanatic.

The Toronto-born star took this time in self-isolation to challenge his fans to an online battle. 

Fans had the chance to play games like Fortnite and NHL with the 27-year-old. Can you be-leaf it?

You Shoot, You Score!

Despite the lack of hockey right now, Leafs fans actually had a pretty good week.

Not only did they have the chance to play games with Hyman, but the team's PA announcer Mike Ross had a special treat as well. 

Ross, who announces goals in the arena, is sending out personalized goal calls to fans and they're so sweet. 

So there you have it. We may be missing the Leafs' on-ice action right now, but at least fans can still enjoy tons of wholesome hockey content.

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