Attention, Raptors fans: Kawhi Leonard's sister may have just hinted about the NBA superstar's plans for next season in a deleted video on Instagram Live. As the Toronto Raptors progress to the NBA Finals, it's pretty safe to say that Toronto's adoration for Kawhi Leonard has never been so consuming. Fans have one important question left remaining - will Kawhi Leonard re-sign with the Raptors? This video may just have the answer.

As an unrestricted free agent this upcoming summer, Leonard has the ability to leave the Raptors after just one season. But Raptors president Masai Ujiri is hoping that the team's first taste of NBA Finals glory will be enough to convince Leonard to remain in TO.

Leonard's sister Meisha Slayton may have just unintentionally set the record straight. Slayton posted a video on Instagram Live, in which she celebrated the Raptors' big win over the Milwaukee Bucks.  The video depicts Slayton reading off comments from fans, when a voice in the background can be heard saying, "They know darn well he ain't gonna be there next year."

Many believe that the voice was actually that of a family member confirming the rumour that Leonard would not return to the Raptors after this season. Fans were especially critical of Leonard's uncle, who was accused by fans for being responsible for the comment.

But Slayton intervened to inform fans that the voice was actually not from a family member, nor did it belong to anyone else with inside information. According to Slayton, it was just a random Raptors hater who had been watching the game at the same location.

Although Slayton's denial of the rumour doesn't put Raptors fans at complete ease, if the team ends up clinching its first-ever NBA championship title, it may give Leonard a more compelling reason to stay in Toronto.

Slayton, whose Instagram handle is @mztwotwo, has since made her account private.

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