According to Antonio Brown, there seems to be a curse floating around the league. In a tweet made yesterday, Brown jokingly claims that this curse has impacted the teams he's had ties with this season, which are all now eliminated from playoff contention. Brown claims that the Steelers, Bills, Raiders, Patriots, and Saints all have the 'Antonio Brown Curse.' We'll just add this to the list of drama-filled news involving the unsigned NFL player.

Antonio Brown has made some questionable claims in the not-so-distant past, but this recent tweet talking about a 'curse' just might have some truth behind it.

It is pretty strange that all of the teams he has been associated with have lost - some in a pretty heartbreaking fashion.

The Patriots were surprisingly upset on Saturday by the Tennessee Titans, the Bills lost at the last second to the Texans, and the Saints fell to the Vikings in overtime.

For the Steelers and Raiders, they didn't make the playoffs, so they were eliminated at the end of the regular season.

It's pretty obvious that Antonio Brown isn't having the best NFL season, but his former teams also haven't done too well for themselves.

Here is the "curse" tweet from the inactive NFL wide receiver:

Even if you're not a believer in curses, it is a little strange that all of these teams haven't had much success after dealing with Antonio Brown.

It is even more puzzling given that these playoff teams were expected to go deep into the postseason. 

Although Brown was involved with five teams just this season alone, he only appeared in one game total.

Is this curse real?

Is Antonio Brown causing teams to lose?

That's for you to decide. 

As for what we know, Antonio Brown is still unemployed in the NFL, and if any teams believe in this "curse," that probably won't help him find a job any time soon.

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