There might be some serious problems stirring up in the relationship between Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and quarterback Derek Carr. This latest Oakland Raiders news suggests that the long-time Raiders QB could be leaving East Bay very soon. But, are we ready to see Derek Carr leave after bringing some success to the previously depressing franchise?

According to Michael Lombardi's report via The Athletic, there is a "significant disconnect" between Gruden and veteran quarterback Derek Carr.

As Lombardi was Senior Personnel Executive for the team when Gruden was head coach, Michael seems to know his fair share about the Raiders. And according to his report, things aren't looking good for the relationship in Oakland.

"Having been around Gruden for many of those good years in Oakland, I know what he loves in quarterbacks: the toughness, the grit, the willingness to sacrifice, and most of a competitive drive to match his own," Lombardi adds.

Michael goes on to talk about how Carr doesn't possess some desired qualities, one being that he "never displays the fire" that Gruden looks for in a quarterback.

This could mean that we're drawing near to the end of an era in Oakland. Since the team is planning to move to Las Vegas at the end of the season, the end sounds pretty imminent.

Derek Carr has seen many ups and downs in his career, and many fans have mixed feelings about the quarterback.

After the QB's poor play as of late, including his dismal performance on Sunday, many Raiders fans want to see him go.

Some fans even booed Carr as he left the stadium after Sunday's game.

As Jon Gruden and Carr aren't really on the same page, this could mean some serious changes will transpire for the Raiders this offseason.

So while we've grown accustomed to seeing Carr on the field in black and silver, that sight could be disappearing before we know it.

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