Things are burning up in Miami and we are not at all referring to the Tropical climate. On Wednesday evening, the American Airlines Arena will host one of Miami's most anticipated summer events. The Jonas Brothers will be kicking off their Happiness Begins reunion tour this Wednesday.

The superstar pop-rock group from New Jersey created huge waves in the press and online earlier this year when news broke of a potential Jonas Brothers reunion. 

The much-anticipated return of the Jonas Brothers was made official with the release of the band's first hit single of the year "Sucker." Each of the brothers' wives can be seen throughout the video as their respective love interests. It marked the beginning of a new era for the boys now that Kevin is not the only married member of the group. 

While the elder Jonas got married back in 2009 to his wife Danielle, Nick and Joe tied the knot with their wives much more recently. Nick married Priyanka Chopra in 2018 and Joe married Sophie Turner earlier this year. 

There may be plenty of develoments and changes happening with the Jonas Brothers' personal lives, one thing remains the same: the Jo Bros love Miami. 

Apart from starting their new tour in Miami, the band filmed two of their biggest music videos in the 305 by way of "Burning Up" and "Cool."

By the looks of things, the Jonas Brothers might have just fallen even deeper in love with the MIA and its all thanks to the Miami Heat. 

Take a look at how Kevin, Joe and Nick were welcomed upon landing in Miami:

Folks, if anyone can give a warm welcome, it's Miami Heat mascot Burnie. 

Well, the Heat did not stop there. Here is what the NBA team posted Sunday on Instagram:

Heat fans are probably feeling conflicted right about now. On the one hand, we have all been excited to see Bam Adebayo tear it up this season. However, we are also fully confident that he can fit into the Jonas Brothers band like a glove and make the country fall in love with him. 

No word from coach Erik Spoelstra or Bam Adebayo himself on this endeavor. However, one good way to verify whether the news is real or not would be to head to the AAA Wednesday night and see. 

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