What happens when Napoli and FC Barcelona, two of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, come to Miami to play for the International Champions Cup? They learn to play football, naturally. 

We can explain. It may not come as a surprise to some of our readers but Chad Johnson, commonly known as Ochocinco, was involved. 

With the Spanish league kicking off next Friday (Aug 16th) and the Italian league starting a week after that, some of Europe's biggest soccer clubs are still in full-on preseason mode. Players are getting back in shape and clubs are playing friendly games so they get their timing and chemistry back on before the grueling soccer season returns. 

One of the main preseason friendly tournaments in the modern era of soccer is the International Champions Cup. The ICC gives North American soccer fans the chance to see the biggest names in the gameplay each other without having to travel to Europe. 

This Wednesday, one of the bigger matches of this year's ICC is set to take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. And while many soccer fans are disappointed that FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi will not be able to make it due to a calf injury sustained in practice, the rest of the big names from Barcelona will be there to face Italian runners up Napoli. 

FC Barcelona was practicing at Barry University Tuesday morning ahead of the game. 

Then later in the evening, the Spanish club and Napoli headed to the Hard Rock to test the pitch and get one more session in before Wednesday's match. Here's what Luis Suarez casually pulled off:

It turns out, there was a famous face in the sidelines during the clubs' training sessions. Avid soccer follower, Johnson, was playing fanboy with some of his favorite players. 

While there, Ochocinco took some time to give Barcelona players a few pointers on how to throw and catch the ol' pigskin. 

Who knew French World Cup winner Antoine Griezmann had such good hands? We knew he was a big basketball fan but we had no idea he dabbled in the NFL world as well. 

Thanks to Ochocinco, now the FC Barcelona players will be ready for the fast-approaching NFL season. 

The match is set to kick off at 7:30 p.m. ET and according to the Miami Herald, the crowd attendance is expected to be around 50,000.

The match will be available to stream via ESPN+ for thos unable to make it to the venue. 

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