Big things are and have happened in Miami Heat history & this Thursday, Bosh took to social media to share one of the biggest plays of his era. Needless to say, Heat fans are eating up every second of it. 

The year was 2013 and the Heat was facing the San Antonio Spurs in their third consecutive NBA Final. The previous year, Bosh and company had won the coveted Larry O'Brien Trophy after defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

This specific play that Bosh shared, as you can hear from the narration, sealed the deal for the Heat in game 6 and guaranteed an eventual game 7 in the series against the Spurs. 

This play, which is seldom spoken of, came after what may be the most important plays in Heat history

At the end of game 6, the game and the NBA title itself, seemed to be shifting San Antonio's way.

That is until Chris Bosh provided a crucial rebound off of a LeBron James missed three-pointer. Bosh then dished the ball out to Ray Allen and the rest, as they say, is history. 

This play is exactly what this particular Heat fan is referring to when he replied to Bosh's tweet regarding the play. 

This fan makes a great point. Were it not for Chris Bosh's rebound, Ray Allen would have never had the opportunity to make that game-winning shot. And were it not for Chris Bosh's block on Danny Green, The Spurs could have potentially tied the game and then who knows what would have happened?

This is only further proof of how much of a crucial piece to the puzzle Chris Bosh was during the Miami Heat's best era in franchise history. 

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