After a 16-year career with Miami Heat, it’s littler wonder that Dwyane Wade is still a name that is tightly connected with the team. Having led the team to three NBA titles during his career, his support is still unwavering, and it shows. Just this weekend, Dwyane Wade was spotted at the Miami Heat game sitting in the bleachers and giving us all the proud-dad vibes as he jumped up and down and cheered for his extended family.

There are plenty of new faces on the team, as well as those who played side by side with Wade, and his inspirational talk with the team was a priceless experience for all.

In typical dad fashion, Wade had a lot to say to the team before the match against the Lakers on Fridays. Though the game ended with a 15-point loss, the general take-away was motivating and had the team in high spirits.

Wade regaled the team with what it meant to wear the Miami Heat uniform, and the legacy they upheld the culture he and past players had helped to create.

When he’s not being a hype-man, Wade still gets lots of attention from fans asking for photos and autographs. His appearances at games not only stoke the team, but new and old fans alike.

Even while being dedicated to his family in Los Angeles, Wade’s support to his Miami Heat family is described as simply legendary.

Outside of games, there are plenty of places in Miami where you can spot celebrities, and even in Orlando, where Meghan Markle's sister Samantha lives.

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