There are certainly no shortages of football memes circulating the internet, but what could be more appropriate on Halloween than one saying the Dolphins dressed up as an NFL team this year? Probably nothing.

Tensions are high with football fans. Monday Night is usually an escape for fans of the Miami Dolphins. For the most part, Monday Night Football is where "Dolfans" can recall what it is like to once again enjoy the sport of football and witness it played in the appropriate manner. This week, that was not the case after the Dolphins faced the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night at Heinz Field.

The Steelers came back from a two-touchdown deficit and handed their opposing team their seventh loss of the season. Days later, fans across the internet are still making fun of Miami. Now fans may suddenly be realizing that this entire season has been one long and terrifying Halloween. 

It has been one spooky season so far for this Florida team. What began with seemingly harsh predictions has escalated into the team's current situation: being one of the worst teams this season in the NFL.

Ahead of their Monday Night game against the Steelers, the 'Phins had suffered two heart-breaking losses versus Washington and Buffalo that kept Dolfans at the edges of their seats up until the very end of each game. So when the team went up 14-0 in Pittsburgh, fans did not know which way was up. 

Alas, that warm feeling in the middle of our hopeful bellies was as fleeting as the Dolphins' lead in the game. The Steelers quickly turned the game around and got the win at home. 

While plenty of time has passed, the internet has felt no need whatsoever to stop making fun of what has been the teams' 2019/20 season so far.

Here are some examples of the spooky sights fans have to encounter on a seemingly daily basis:

While @NFL_Memes' handle name is self-explanatory, this one is just wrong. The worst part is, it's hilarious! This is not the first time someone has questioned the 'Phins legitimacy as a professional football team. 

Here's another take on this Dolphins season. This is a bit graphic yet not entirely inaccurate. 

Being a Dolphins fan is reportedly torturing yourself by watching the team you love self destruct itself each and every week on a nationally-televised basis. 

The Miami Dolphins will continue their terror-inducing season this Sunday at the Hard Rock Stadium against Division rivals, New York Jets. 

Happy Halloween, Dolfans.

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