Even in the realm of sports, one's actions may affect their career moving forward — unfortunately, that's happened for now ex Miami Dolphins running back, Mark Walton.

According to CBS Sports, General Manager Chris Grier of the Miami team released a statement on Twitter this morning announcing their decision to boot the player after light of a legal matter involving Walton was brought to their attention.

The Twitter post provides the official statement regarding the decision to give the young player the boot, also opting to not comment further at this time.

According to CBS Sports, the running back already suffered a 4 game suspension for failing to adhere to the substance abuse standards of the league prior to his budding career with the Dolphins, with his incident this morning costing him his spot on the team.

This isn't the first time Walton was kicked from his team. Three previous arrests this year also contributed to The Bengals waiving the player before being picked up by Miami.

Walton was arrested by police in Broward County suburb, Davie at 4:15 a.m., after his pregnant girlfriend of 5 weeks told officers she was pushed to the wall by the player who then punched her in the face and head repeatedly, leaving her with her left eye swollen.

According to his girlfriend, Walton was aware of the pregnancy as of Sunday morning.

The 22-year-old now ex-Dolphin was charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant person, a 4th arrest for the player in less than a year. The charge is pending trial according to the official police report.

Mark A. Gottlieb, Walton's defense attorney, declined comment as well as his contract representatives at First Round Management.

Despite the solid plays on Walton's part this season, it doesn't appear his talent was quite enough to keep him on board. In seven games with the Dolphins this season, Walton's 53 rushes for 201 yards averaged 3.8 yards per carry; he also made 15 receptions for 89 yards.

Comments on the Twitter post announcing the running back's cut commend the Dolphins for giving Walton another chance to play ball on their team despite his record, as well as going on to note that it's unfortunate that it didn't appear to change his character moving forward, but that it's good to see players being held accountable for their actions.

Others are praying for Walton's repentance & remorse, rooting for the player to take this as a reason to pick up his head and move on to brighter things.

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