The countdown is on; the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins are facing off this weekend for the first time in years. Last time, the Eagles won by a small margin, and while we’d like to think the Dolphins won’t be defeated as before, the chances aren’t looking good.

Both the Dolphins and the Eagles have had their share of being the underdogs and the champions, and so far, this season has been challenging for both teams. The Dolphins have been experiencing more defeats than wins, while the Eagles seem to have an even amount of both. Whatever the outcome, it’s sure to be an interesting game.

The last time the Eagles and Dolphins faced off, it was 2017, with the Eagles winning 38 to 31. The Dolphins have been struggling thus far with more consecutive defeats and only two wins so far in this season.

The Eagles have had a solid season of equal wins and losses, but the games that they have won have been by a small margin. 

Judging by the past games between the Dolphins and Eagles, this weekend is sure to be a close call either way. It may be a good chance for the Dolphins to come out with one more win before the end of the season, or for the Eagles to tip the scales in their own score.

Regardless of the outcome, the Superbowl is slated to happen this year in Miami and everyone is so ready for it. Especially now that there will be a gondola to gawk from

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Dolphins vs Eagles

Price: $69

When: December 1 2019

Address: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: Root for your favorite team in one of the last games of the year in Miami!

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