The day has officially arrived, everyone. It is NBA Schedule Release Day. If you happen to be a Miami Heat fan, today brings back memories of an afternoon filled with anger. 

On August 11, 2018, the Miami Heat social team began to stir up some trouble. Tweets were tweeted and expectations were very much raised. Let's all take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Let's go back to 2018. 

Before the 2018/19 season, we were all made aware that Dwyane Wade would be heading into his final season. But only in September. Apart from that and those works of art in the form of 'Vice Nights' jerseys, Heat fans really did not have much to look forward to. Expectations were relatively low. 

So naturally, when the Heat organization told fans to prepare themselves for some "big news," the good people of Miami were hopeful. Perhaps Pat Riley was able to work his magic and recruit an all-star for the upcoming season. Heck, maybe he was able to recruit two big names! After all, when you're a Heat fan you learn to never underestimate the legend that is, Pat Riley. 

However, to Miami's dismay, the alleged big news of that day had nothing to do with a new signing. It was barely even news!

The "big news" was just the release of Miami Heat's 2018/19 schedule.

Once Heat fans discovered that they had been legitimately duped, they certainly let their voices be heard.

The Miami Heat twitter page was flooded with angry replies. 

It's clear to see, people were hurt. 

This year, however, The Miami Heat decided to heal the wounds of schedule announcement days past. 

Wade's signing last year began to make up for this immense PR mistake, but plenty of fans were still very salty. 

What better way to repair the situation on the Heat's part than to make fun of your past failures? Here is the approach the Heat's social media team took for this year's schedule release:

GTA Reference and self-deprecating tone all in one tweet: fantastic. And fans took note.

It seems we have all moved on now. As for that schedule that was released: The Heat will open their season at home against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday, October 23rd. 

Find all the details here.

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