We are all now officially living in the year 2020 and the number certainly has momentous air. It is in fact, set to be a momentous year for the city of Miami when it comes to soccer. This is when the city's newest sports franchise, Inter Miami, will have its long-awaited kick-off and we have all been awaiting updates. However, many fans are hoping that the recently leaked images of the Inter Miami team's uniforms are nothing but rumors.  

The images come shortly after the soon-to-be team shocked the MLS world with the surprise announcement of the club's first-ever coach. Diego Alonso is an Uruguayan coach who has a loaded resume for a man his age. The 44-year-old has won two continental titles with two separate Mexican clubs. While this goes against David Beckham's promise to hire a household name for a manager, this may prove to be a smart choice by the Inter Miami front desk. 

Not only does Alonso match with the Hispanic influence that the club is obviously attempting at aligning itself with (#welcometolafamilia) but he has proven to produce winning ways wherever he goes. 

Anyways, back to the uniforms. Below you will find some of the unofficial images that have been floating around the web. 

While the kits honor the team colors that the club has been embracing since the launch of its official crest, the jerseys themselves are quite minimal, to say the least. 

There is some optimism toward Inter Miami's coaching choice but it seems that fans aren't as pleased about the alleged uniform design. 

This MLS-centric Twitter page was quick on the draw when it came to roasting Inter Miami for the leaked jerseys. The tweet implies you can buy a shirt that is nearly identical to this Inter Miami kit by purchasing some basic white Gildan tees for less than $10. This would allude to the aforementioned minimalistic look. 

Here is another roast of the leaked images:

This fan posted a photo of a plain white t-shirt, plain black t-shirt and a Victoria's Secret "PINK" jacket and asked for opinions on Inter Miami's home, away and training jackets. 

Not only are the leaked images surprising but there are more factors to consider: David Beckham is widely considered to be one of the most stylish men in the world.

He has been extremely hands-on throughout the entirety of this long and arduous process. Add that to the fact that he is still an Adidas sponsored ambassador (the official MLS athletic brand) you would think that the jerseys would be some of the best in the league given the interesting potential colorways available. 

Perhaps the club is in tune with social media and fans' voices will be heard. Either way, we can say we are happy to know Inter Miami is well on its way to becoming a thing after all the hurdles and mishaps that had to be overcome to get to this point. 

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