In the digital age, almost anything and anyone can become an overnight sensation. While this usually refers to social media celebs, musical artists, and people out there hustling to create something and get noticed, one guy was doing his own thing in Miami this weekend and has become a bit of viral sensation — they're calling him the sleeping super bowl guy. And apparently he also has a Twitter.

The last place you'd expect to spot someone catching some z's is at a sporting event.

Between the over-com commentary, mass of screaming fans, and the spectacle of professional athleticism, you'd think one would be wide awake and alert, but that wasn't the case for this man.

The mystery man was caught with his legs crossed, hands together in his lap, leaning back against the wall to snag some shut-eye. And like almost any person who passes out, his mouth was hanging slightly ajar.

Twitter user Karisa Maxwell managed to capture the moment on video, sharing the footage with her followers.

The post reads: "Somehow this man is sleeping through the #SuperBowl. We're still only in the first quarter."

She slowly pans over the show and the screaming fans, to end on frame with the man wearing what appears to be white khakis and a black or navy shirt, as relaxed as one could ever be.

Many took to the comments section to try to figure out who this was, suggesting the likes of Representative Eric Swalwell; one commenter thinks he looks like Andy from The Office.

Others were straight baffled on how he could sleep so soundly like that in public — without a weighted blanket, sleep mask, or earplugs, no less!

He must've been extremely bored with the game already or really is like the rest of us: navigating this life exhausted beyond belief.

Regardless, Twitter users thought it was the ultimate power move to cash in on a Super Bowl ticket, which averaged $8,649 per seat, just to take a nap.

This might just be the most expensive snooze we've ever seen.

An unofficial account has appeared as the sleeping guy, and although it's unverified, it's bringing many users humor. At this time, Narcity hasn't been able to verify who owns the account.

The account appears to have been created this month, likely following news of his nap going viral, and is presenting as the sleepy man himself replying under the Twitter handle of sleepyman17.

The creator of the page goes on to reply to other comments, snarking back at people judging his mid-afternoon snooze, and telling them to mind their own business.

One commenter was curious to know if he purchased the other seats solely to make it his sleepy space, to which he replied he for sure did.

But is this really the sleepy Super Bowl guy? We'll probably never know — anyone can be anyone on the internet these days.

Whether it really is him or not, his clap backs to people naggin' on his nap are pretty hilarious.

You can check out the Sleepyman's Twitter page here.

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