Just yesterday, it was officially announced that an NFL team would be renamed the Oakland Raiders to the Las Vegas Raiders. All of their social media accounts reflect this new name change but that's not what people are talking about. Users are pointing out that the team should update their Twitter bio for the most hilarious reason.

Upon starting a new chapter in its career, the Raiders franchise boasts a bio that says, "The official account of the three-time Super Bowl champion Las Vegas Raiders."

Some Twitter users are pointing out that the "Las Vegas Raiders" have never even played a game using that name. 

The American Football team has won three championships in 1971, 1981, and 1984 under its franchise the Raiders.

However, one user stated, "...since you wanna run with a clean slate, you can no longer claim to have 3 Super Bowl Titles. Either change your name or lose your titles."

Another person wrote, "They haven’t even had an official game."

The NFL team has been renamed three times now. They won the first two Superbowls as the Oakland Raiders and the third as the Los Angeles Raiders. 

The thread that started this debate has accrued over 730 retweets and 4,900 likes. 

There are mixed reactions to this tweet.

The other half of the discussion defends the team's bio with one person writing, "The franchise its self has 3 superbowls. They are now the Las Vegas Raiders. Championships belong to the organization, not the city."

To lighten the mood, some people chimed in saying, "They’ve never lost a game either."


Quite right. With the new name, the current team has never lost a game or championship. 

The topic is up for debate and we just hope that the mood stays lighthearted. Whether you're a fan of the team's new name change or not, we sense some big things coming for them. 

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