The Dallas Cowboys have been looking for a new coach ever since it became apparent that they wouldn't be winning with Jason Garrett. It has just been revealed that the new Dallas Cowboys coach is Mike McCarthy, the previous coach of the Green Bay Packers.

The new coach has a history of success with the previous team until an unfortunate change of leadership left him looking for a new team to coach this past year. Here are 5 things you should know about the new Dallas Cowboys coach!

He graduated from Baker University in Kansas

McCarthy played football in community college before moving to Baldwin City, Kansas, to attend Baker University, a private liberal arts school. He then moved on to work as a graduate assistant at both Fort Hays State and the University of Pittsburgh.

He ranks in the top coach for Playoff wins since 2006

According to SportsCenter on Twitter, McCarthy ranks just under Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, with 10 playoff wins since 2006. This is good news for the Cowboys, who need to improve their winning streaks to potentially make it to the end this upcoming season.

He is married and has 5 children 

Mike McCarthy is currently married to wife Jessica, whom he has had two daughters with. He is the step-father to two sons and has a daughter from a previous marriage. He clearly knows how to raise some children, so hopefully he can raise the Cowboys just as well!

He has beaten the Cowboys 7 times with the Packers

McCarthy led the Packers to victory against the Dallas Cowboys 7 times and only lost to them three times during his entire time as the Green Bay head coach. Now he is ready to turn the tables and make the Cowboys the ones on top.

He had some major beef with his own quarterback, Aaron Rodgers

The drama between the coach and quarterback lasted for quite some time, with both men seemingly never getting along. Some notable moments of their disastrous relationship are back in 2017 when the QB was caught screaming profanities at the coach during a game and in 2015 when McCarthy made some bad calls and basically ended the Packers season which made Rodgers lose his head. 

Hopefully no tension is formed between Mike and any players from the Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback Dak Prescott will have to accept the new coach with an open heart, unlike Rodgers.


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