After spending a little over a year with the Dallas Stars, Jim Montgomery, aka Monty, was fired from his position as head coach due to "unprofessional conduct." According to The Dallas Morning News, the team's assistant coach, Rick Bowness, will be stepping in as interim head coach for the time being.

Though it's all up in the air still, it's safe to say people are very confused by this decision. The response has been a mixture of people finding this news shocking or just simply being puzzled due to the team doing well recently with Monty as the coach.

Their current win-loss record is 17-11 for this season, which puts them at 6th place in the Western Conference! The responses are especially understandable as their record is anything but bad.

There have been numerous tweets circulating this morning and some of them are already throwing jabs at the Dallas Cowboys Coach, Jason Garrett.

Montgomery has been with the team since May 2018, but Garrett has had way more controversy surrounding his stint.

While we have our opinions on the particular situation, the real question is why did Monty get fired?

The Stars Team is keeping their mouths shut for now and only revealing that Monty is out due to unprofessional conduct, and according to Yahoo Entertainment, it was because of Monty's inconsistent reflection of the values and beliefs of the team.

This vague allegation is looking like it's the root of all of the confusion to these stressed-out fans.

The tweet above illustrates the amount of chaos this news has brought to the hockey community.

The fans do assume not much will be mentioned in regards to the allegations for now. Even with the news conference that was just held, nothing new has come to light.

So until we hear further, the questions have no answers.

Maybe if Jerry Jones owned the Dallas Stars, we wouldn't have had to say goodbye to this head coach so soon.

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