Dirk Nowitzki is incredibly loved in Dallas, so much that streets were even renamed in his honor. The former Dallas Mavericks star has been in China and was surprised to see tons of cameras at the airport. Unfortunately, they were not there for Dirk Nowitzki but for Ezekiel Elliot. 

Nowitzki tweeted staying he felt like he still had it before realizing that the cameras and reporters were waiting on Elliot. It wasn't long before Twitter was flooded with messages telling the basketball star that he still got it and all of Dallas still cares. Elliot even replied to the tweet with crying emojis. Nowitzki, originally from Germany, has adopted Dallas as his home and was even wearing a Dallas Cowboy's hat when arriving at the airport (go figure). 

The former Dallas Mavericks star was on his way home from attending the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Nowitzki is no stranger to winning over Twitter and we can assure him he still has plenty of support in Dallas. 

Elliot has been all over the news and it just so happens he flew in at the same time as the Nowitzki. Elliot has been holding off on signing an extended contract with the Dallas Cowboys but is in town to make negotiations. Dallas has been holding its breath waiting for Elliot's official return to the team, with the team's season-opening game coming up on September 8. 

And while Zeke might be taking the spotlight, we can be sure that Dirk will be in full support as he loves all Dallas sports teams. In the meantime, everyone can show Nowitzki just how much his fans still appreciate him.

While you wait for the games to kick off, and hopefully a Zeke/Dirk encounter, you can check out what Dez Bryant had to say about the ever-famous Popeye's chicken sandwich. 

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