This past weekend, the Dallas Mavericks took on the Los Angeles Lakers, and the game came with several surprises. The new golden boy of the Texas team, Luka Doncic, played LeBron James, and while this might seem like a regular encounter with teams, Doncic credits James for inspiring him to get where is he is today.

During the game, the two were head to head. Both of them scored around 40 points for the respective teams. The two couldn’t help but start an endearing bromance, and all of us are here for it.

James said, "I was able to inspire a kid that wasn’t even in America, and that’s pretty special.” about his new friend. The two seemed to admire one another a lot after the game. The basketball stars exchanged a friendly hug after the game to show mutual respect.

The Mavs played up the “rivalry” on twitter with video game versions of the players. In the tweet, you see Doncic using all his power to defeat James. The game was the third time the duo faced off, and it won’t be the last.


Doncic also set a carrier high during the game with 15 assists. The 20-year-old player is continuing to break his personal records. The Dallas Mavs have had a great beginning to the season, and we can only hope this momentum keeps up. 

The next game will be on Wednesday, November 6, against Orlando Magic. For now, you can read up on how Doncic got roasted for failing to score a slam dunk. You can also read up on what Dirk Nowitzki had to say about the new Nowitzki Way.

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