One of the biggest TV sitcoms of all time is inarguably Friends, the hilarious 90s show that almost everyone has seem to have seen. One of the biggest sports teams of all time is inarguably the Dallas Cowboys, who just released a Friends tribute video on their social media, and it is absolutely iconic.

The Cowboys just released the 45-second video with fitting clips of the players dancing around to the Friends theme song in a similar style to the original show's theme.

The title sequence shows off the sick moves of Dak Prescott (you know the iconic moves), Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott, the Hot Boys, and more.

The video highlights some of the grooviest dances from the players including a funky cowboy riding dance, jiving group huddles, game celebrations, behind the scenes shots and so much more that make the video worth watching over and over.

In a tweet following the funny Friends theme song remake, the Dallas Cowboys tweeted out to the entire cast of the 90s show including Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and the rest of the gang, saying "Hey... thanks for the inspiration!"

Whoever runs the Dallas Cowboys social media is surely a fan of the famous show, and we can absolutely relate. The theme song remake is one that we could watch on a loop!

The 'Boys have had a shaky season this year so far, with some thrilling wins and some awful defeats. This weekend they will face off against the Patriots, so we are all in for a nail-biting game full of action.

To see where Dak Prescott's hip-shaking dance originated from, you have to check out the long list of memes people made of him after his pre-game workout the other week.

We are ready for all of the Cowboys/Friends mashup memes that are surely coming our way.

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