Spotify just announced their new "hate content and hateful conduct policy" which will affect your ability to listen to certain artists. 

The new policy will help Spotify distance itself from controversial artists that are currently available on the streaming platform. The company built an automated monitoring tool called Spotify AudioWatch that will find music on the platform that has been flagged as hate content around the world. 

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This new policy comes after a campaign gained tons of support aiming to boycott R Kelly's music and live shows following the news of his recent allegations of sexual abuse against women. The campaign was aimed at getting R Kelly's label, RCA kicked off of Spotify, Apple Music and Ticketmaster.

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This is specifically targeting R. Kelly right now. The musician has been in the news regarding his role in an alleged sex cult. Families have claimed that he is keeping many young girls at his homes as "sex slaves".

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Spotify agreed to stop promoting R Kelly as a part of its editorial and algorithmic programs, like the "Discover Weekly" playlist. They won't be removing his music from the platform entirely, but they will not be promoting his music as a result of the new policy.

Source: Venture Beat