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Spring In Canada Officially Makes No Sense With A Mix Of Snow And Summery Weather

Spring in Canada officially makes no sense with a mix of snow, cherry blossoms, and near 20°C weather across the country.

Spring has officially started in Canada, but depending where you are the weather today might seem like an April fools joke. That's because with snow in Ontario and summer weather out east, spring in Canada officially makes no sense. While some provinces are soaking up the sun today, others are shovelling snow. 

The old saying says if March comes in like a lion it will out like a lamb. Unfortunately for Ontario this year the opposite is true. March came in relatively tame with temperatures hovering around 0°C, meaning it came in like a lamb. So now, that means March has to go out like a lion which is why Ontario was dumped with snow last night and this morning. In some parts of Ontario, there were even snowfall warnings in place from Environment Canada. 

Meanwhile, today in other provinces there are double-digit temperatures and sunny weather today. For example, according to Environment Canada, the warmest place in all of Canada is at Sussex Four Corners in New Brunswick, which is almost halfway between Fredericton and Moncton. There the temperature is a balmy 17.5°C. 

If that doesn't tell you enough about the ridiculous state of spring in Canada, here is what the current weather is like in each major Canadian city. 


In Vancouver, they are enjoying double-digit temperatures at 12°C. It is also partly cloudy there.

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Calgary is enjoying pretty seasonal temperatures today, which 8°C temperatures though it is mostly cloudy there today.


Unfortunately, as you head towards the middle of the country the temperatures get more wintery. In Saskatoon, it is mostly cloudy with only 3°C weather.


The nickname Winterpeg is sadly fitting despite it being spring since the temperature is only 3°C. On the plus side, in Winnipeg, it is mostly sunny right now.


This is where the weather gets especially depressing. In Toronto, not only is it lightly snowing right now on top of the dumping of snow from last night, but the temperature is only 1°C.


Based on the current conditions, all of Ontario forgot that it is supposed to be spring. There it is also currently snow in Ottawa and the temperature is barely in the positives at only 0°C.


It's not much better in Quebec than it is in Ontario. For instance in Montreal, it is only 2°C and also cloudy.


Then all of a sudden the weather makes a complete shift, again proving how spring makes no sense here. In New Brunswick's capital city it is 13°C although it is cloudy.


While Halifax might not be as summery as parts of New Brunswick, it's not cold either. There it's 9°C and slightly misty.


Like the rest of Eastern Canada, PEI is also pretty warm. In Charlottetown, it is currently 12°C although a bit cloudy.

St. John's 

Even in the easternmost province, it is still relatively warm. There it is 10°C and only partly cloudy.

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While the territories in Canada are typically colder than the provinces, even there, there is a wide range of spring weather. Whitehorse, Yukon is warmer than Toronto and Montreal at 6°C, Yellowknife, NWT is in the mid-range at 2°C and Nunavut is cold as ever at -11°C in Iqaluit.