This Easy "Rail Trail" Will Take You Through The Coolest Tunnels In Washington

Bonus: It's all on a lake!😍
Spruce Railroad Trail Is An Easy Hike In Washington That'll Take You To Cool Tunnels

From beach walks to stunning views of the forests and mountains, the Evergreen State has thousands of trails that'll probably take you a lifetime to get through. They aren't just ones with best views but are full of history too. Like this easy hike in Washington, that'll take you on an old railroad and tunnels!

The Spruce Railroad Trail is a historic hike near Port Angeles that's open year-round and winds along the shores of the blue waters of Lake Crescent. 

While it's 5.6 miles each way, the trail is rated easy because the grounds are relatively flat with an elevation of only 433 feet. You won't even realize you're climbing up, as your feet take you through the most gorgeous views. 

The hike, which is part of the 130-mile Olympic Discovery Trail, begins in an orchard full of mossy maple, Sitka and hemlock trees and takes you to an old railroad. 

It was built during World War I to haul massive Sitka spruce trees from the Olympic Peninsula to be used by the aircraft industry.

Since it was completed a tad too late, it was turned into a trail for the most scenic walks instead. 

Good for us, because this adventure now leads you to a glacially-carved lake where there are several points of beach access for you to sunbathe, picnic or take pics at. 

It even takes you over an epic bridge across the lake where you'll find the popular "Devil's Punch Bowl."

This is a spot for thrill-seekers. If you dare, you can follow several people as they dive-off the bridge for a swim in the blue-green cove on a warm-weather day. 

Once you have your adrenaline sufficiently pumped, you can continue to the 450-foot long McFee Tunnel.

Although renovations have made it safe to walk through for everyone including kids and dogs on leashes, it's pitch-dark in here, so flashlights are highly recommended. 

The steely interiors mixed with concrete of the burrow give it a very trippy appearance, making it a popular photo op on the hike. 

As you step out, you can't stop to marvel at the stunning views Barnes Point and Mount Storm King that stands at over 4,500 feet above the lake and wonder just where your feet will take you to next. 

Spruce Railroad Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Approximately 11.3-miles roundtrip

Address: 4050-4186 E Beach Rd, Port Angeles, WA

Why You Should Go: You can get stunning mountain views, hike across a lake, swim in turquoise waters and explore historic tunnels all in one easy hike! 


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