You Can Climb A Stairway To Book Heaven At This Whimsical Mississippi Bookshop

Step into a literary adventure.
Square Books Store In Mississippi Will Transport You To Book Heaven

Calling all bookworms! You can step into a land of spellbinding stories at the Square Books store in Mississippi, one of the most charming spots in the state. This quirky shop has a colorful staircase that transports you straight into literary heaven. If you're a total book-lover, then this quirky spot belongs at the top of your bucket list.

Square Books is based in Oxford, MS. The bookshop has multiple sister locations across the scenic city, including Off Square Books and Rare Square Books, making this bookish bonanza a dream come true for residents and tourists. 

You'll find all sorts of fun things in this colorful place when you visit, including secret compartments and cozy little nooks. It's like a playground for adults. 

But the dreamiest part of the store is by far the blue stairway, which leads wandering customers to a whole floor brimming with volumes of colorful books.

You can climb the cerulean steps and enter a literary paradise filled with everything from mystery novels to must-have bestsellers. Grab a cushy armchair and get reading. 

Wander through tilted shelves bursting with a rainbow of riveting reads. Whether you love paperbacks or hardcovers, there's something for everyone at Square Books. 

You can search for unique or cheap reads ahead of time on their website. If you have a novel you finished reading, the shop also buys used books.

The store has carefully curated staff picks and a selection of banned books for curious customers to browse. You won't find these special volumes in just any library.

In the words of Stephen King, "Books are uniquely portable magic." It's time to find your magic at this unique spot in Mississippi that proves it's hip to be square.

Square Books

Price: Prices vary 

Address: 160 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS

Why You Need To Go: This literary paradise is a must-see for book-lovers. You'll feel like a kid in a candy shop as you browse these colorful reads. 

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