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Starbucks Canada Isn't Letting People Use Reusable Cups Anymore Because Of COVID-19

"For here" cups & plates aren't available either.
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Starbucks Canada Coronavirus Concerns Mean People Can't Use Personal Cups Anymore

If you like using your own mugs when you go out for a coffee, you'll have to settle for regular ones now. The Starbucks Canada coronavirus concerns mean that customers won't be allowed to use personal cups anymore. Other precautionary steps are being taken for the health and well-being of customers.

On March 5, the company announced in a letter that because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, stores are pausing the use of personal cups. 

So that means you can't get your drink to go in a travel mug you've brought with you from home. You'll have to take your beverage in one of the regular cups.

A representative for the company confirmed to Narcity that this policy applies to their locations across Canada as well.

Rossann Williams, their president of US & Canada operations, also outlined other measures being taken by the company to help keep people safe.

Along with not using personal cups anymore, "for here" dishes won't be available in stores either.

If you want to sit-in and have your coffee in an actual mug or have your muffin on an actual plate, you're out of luck.

However, Starbucks Canada will still honour the 10-cent discount if people bring in a personal cup or ask for the "for here" ware even though they can't actually use them.

"We will continue to act thoughtfully and courageously despite the disruption and uncertainty COVID-19 brings to our daily lives," said Williams.

Cleaning and sanitizing in-store has been increased to prevent the spread of germs.

Stores have also been given information on how to report any instances of someone saying they've been impacted by COVID-19.

There are more than 1,400 Starbucks locations in Canada currently.

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