Starbucks Canada Is Quietly Raising Pricing On Some Menu Items

Has your morning coffee been affected? ☕️
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Starbucks Canada Is Quietly Raising Pricing On Some Menu Items

Your morning cup of coffee might cost more than it used to.

Starbucks has just quietly raised it's prices on a number of menu items across Canada, and your favourite drinks may have been affected.

According to a Starbucks barista, the price hike was implemented last week, and customers have been quick to voice their annoyance on social media.

The day @StarbucksCanada hike the price, Starbucks shares down on slower sales? Fuq this Bullshit!

November 2, 2017

Anyone else notice the 20 cent price jump in their Starbucks today.

November 2, 2017

While it's unknown which specific menu items have increased in price, people on Twitter have reported iced coffee, coffee and breakfast sandwiches as being more expensive than before. 

And after some investigation using previous order receipts from October,Red Flag Deals determined that regular brewed coffee and cold beverages now cost up to 20 cents more than before. If you're go-to Starbucks drink is a Grande Feature Dark Roast, you'll notice that the price is now $2.45 before tax instead of the usual $2.25.

And while a 20 cent increase isn't exactly monumental, it does equate to a 8% price jump, which will end up costing Starbucks lovers an extra dollar per work week. 

The price hike comes after the giant coffee chain quietly raised their prices two months ago, along with the launch of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Business Insider reported in September that Starbucks locations raised prices on 10% of menu items, including some sizes of brewed coffee, select espresso drinks and cookies.

And it seems to be affecting store locations nationwide, with Twitter users from varying locations across Canada - including Ontario, Newfoundland and Alberta - reporting the increase.

Time to switch to Tim's?

Jennifer Browne
Contributing Staff Writer
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