Starbucks Will Reopen Locations Across Canada Starting This Week

Coffee is making a comeback!
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Starbucks Canada Is Reopening Locations Across The Country Starting This Week

If you’ve been missing your daily dose of coffee, or your favourite frappuccino, there’s good news ahead. Starting this week, Starbucks Canada is reopening locations across the country, and they intend to resume as many operations as possible by the end of May. Sounds like coffee is making a comeback!

Fortunately for coffee-lovers, you won’t have to live without your local Starbucks for too much longer.

Starting this week, the company has plans to resume operations in several of their Canadian locations, and they’ve got plans to reopen as many as possible by the end May.

After initially offering drive thru, delivery and pick-up only services, they’ll begin reintroducing new measures on a community-by-community basis.

According to their news release, this could include curbside pick-up or even walk-in orders again. Eek! We can almost taste the Vanilla Lattes.

In a statement shared with Narcity, the coffee giant explained, “The stores which remained open during COVID-19 have helped the company test and refine new ways of working and new operating models, designed specifically for the current social-distancing environment.”

Newly equipped to deal with COVID-19 concerns, Starbucks Canada is introducing a number of new protocols that will help them reopen stores nationwide, without putting anybody’s health at risk.

To help keep staff and customers safe, employees will be required to wear face coverings, and will maintain physical distancing.

“Wellness checks” will be made prior to each shift, and staff members will be asked to check their temperatures regularly.

In addition, there will be “elevated cleaning and sanitizing protocols,” as well as plexi-shields at all points of service.

While the company has big plans to start reopening, they confirmed that they’re “working closely” with local leaders, health authorities and provincial governments, particularly as the COVID-19 regulations continue to change. 

“A lot has changed over the last six weeks," explained Starbucks Canada's president, Lori Digulla.

"As we enter this new phase, we know that we can evolve how we serve our customers as restrictions begin to lift and we are ready to continue to be fluid in how we serve our communities,” Digulla added.

Back in March, the company announced that they were closing almost all of their Canadian locations, in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions.

While no official dates have been given yet, the company intends to have almost all stores open again by the end of May.

If you spot a super long line at your local Starbucks this week, you’ll probably know why!

Helena Hanson
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