Every year it seems that Starbucks comes out with some new crazy looking Instagrammable drink that’s only available for a short time that has people lined up around the block to get their hands on it. 

For instance, remember the Unicorn Frappuccino’s? Or the Christmas Tree Frapp? Of course you do. 

Well apparently the chain is going to be cutting back on those types of drinks for a few different reasons.  

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So why do this? And just how much are they going to be slashing these types of promotions. 

Apparently, Starbucks is going to be focusing more on other kinds of drinks, such as tea and cold brews. 

They’re also working on expanding their food menu to new markets. The chain will have a total of around 1,800 stores by the end of the year.

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All of this means they need to cut back on things like limited time offered beverages such as the mermaid Frappuccino’s. Much to the annoyance of everyone’s Instagram accounts. 

Now this doesn’t mean that these kinds of drinks will not be released at all anymore, Starbucks says that they’ll cutting back on how many of them it does a year by 30%. 

So instead of 10 new crazy drinks styles a year to update your social media accounts with you would get 7 instead.  

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So you’ll still be able to line up and get some new crazy drink from Starbucks but not as often as you did in previous years. 

Still super annoying though. 

Source: Toronto Star