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Starbucks Just Released A New Frappuccino That's Even More Insane Than The Unicorn

We don't know whether to be excited or afraid...
Starbucks Just Released A New Frappuccino That's Even More Insane Than The Unicorn

Starbucks is definitely no stranger to an odd drink or two, in fact, they've become pretty famous for their insane creations that give the Shamrock Shake a run for its money.

While it seemed like the company had hit their peak with their Unicorn Frapp, there is a new contender that has left customers shocked and very impressed. 

The drink in question is called the "Crystal Ball" frappuccino and it will be available this Thursday. The white drink has a creamy base and a peach tea infusion and is meant to taste like a Pińa Colada!

To make it cute (because this is Starbucks we're talking about), they marble the drink with turquoise colouring and peach whipped cream before topping it with mini purple candy bits! 

While the drink's ingredients sound extra enoughon their own, Starbucks went even further this time. There are three variations of the drink that you can pick up that predict your future.

If you get one topped with green candy the drink predicts luck in your future, if you get blue it's predicted you'll see adventure and finally if you get pink toppings the drink predicts something magical happening to you soon! 

If you've already got your gold card ready to go, you'll have to wait just a few more days considering it doesn't officially release until Thursday. Though you'll want to act fast once the day comes if you want to test out the drink for yourself. The drink will only be available from March 22nd up until the 26th, and even then that's depending on if staff are able to keep stock of the ingredients needed to make it! 

Translated from:Izabelle Bee - Narcity Québec

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