While State Parks aren't accessible at the moment, they will be filled with locals and visitors alike when summer hits. Spring and summer are prime times for beautiful flowers and plants to bloom so they'll be ready to be seen by the time quarantine is over. This State Park in Tennessee will be overrun by hundreds of Rhododendron flowers this June and it'll be a beautiful sea of colors. 

Roan Mountain State Park in Carter County, Tennessee is great for hiking or just having an afternoon picnic. There are 12 miles of hiking trails throughout the park that will give you incredible views. 

This spot is known for its beautiful display of flowers when the summertime comes. They even have a festival dedicated to the Rhododendrons. 

These purple and pink flowers bloom in over 100 clusters spread out all across the mountain. These flowers bloom in bushes that make for the perfect scenery

The scientific name for the flowers is the Catawba Rhododendron. The shape of the bushes are so perfect you might think people cut them that way, but that's just how they naturally bloom.

Roan Mountain sits at an elevation of 3,500 feet, so these flowers bloom later than most due to such a high elevation

The festival is slated for June 20 to 21 of this year. You'll be able to walk around the park to see the bloom peak, which is sure to be a beautiful sight. 

Not only will you be able to see the flowers in bloom, but you'll also be able to shop multiple vendors that have homemade crafts, food and folky demonstrations. 

When the mountain and State Parks re-open after the pandemic, you can visit any day of the week to view the blooms. It's also completely free to explore so this is also a cheap and special date idea. 

Roan Mountain State Park

Price: Free

Address: 527 Hwy. 143Roan MountainTN 

Why You Need To Go: Beautiful pink and purple flowers take over this mountain when summer comes around.