In Ontario there is such a unique Airbnb, that is the cutest place you could go for a vacation this summer. The Airbnb is located on an alpaca farm so you can stay next to super fluffy and adorable alpacas!

S.A.M.Y.'s Alpaca Farm And Fibre Studio is in Kerwood, Ontario, only 2.5 hours from Toronto! The family business, has a 10-acre farm, plenty of friendly alpacas that you can visit.

If you are looking for something unique to do with your friends this summer, you need to need to book a stay at the alpaca farm's Airbnb listing. It is the perfect spot to go for a weekend getaway with up to 3 of your friends.

On Airbnb, you can book to camp at S.A.M.Y.'s Alpaca Farm And Fibre Studio. The campsite is only $25 a night, or under $7 a person, if you split it between 4 people!

The campsite is close to the alpaca's pastures, and you can either bring your own camping gear or ask them to pitch a tent for you. Include in your stay is also free wifi, and access to a big fire pit, which is the perfect spot to relax in the evenings.

As part of your stay, you are also able to get up close to the alpacas and help with the feeding of them in the morning. For an additional fee of $10, you can also take an alpaca for a walk, or enroll in a workshop on making alpaca dryer balls.

For more information about staying at S.A.M.Y.'s Alpaca Farm And Fibre Studio visit their listing on Airbnb.