A few hours ago, one of the country's most beloved NBA-stars did something extraordinary and it just proves why he's a huge role model. The basketball player Steph Curry launched his new documentary, produced by Rakuten, that covers the rapid growth of basketball in Tokyo and his journey through the city as he inspires young ballplayers. The video, The Rising: Hoop Origins, just launched on his Youtube channel earlier this morning and it already has over 20,000 views.

The 15-minute film features appearances from many Japanese basketball enthusiasts as they help Curry understand the culture and meaning behind basketball in Tokyo.

Throughout his visit, Steph meets a variety of young people with different backgrounds who love the sport. Many of them are already huge fans of Steph and they were ecstatic to meet the NBA legend.

The documentary was filmed this past summer during the June 2019 Tokyo stop of the Underrated Tour. It's a series of youth basketball camps run by the Warriors superstar that aim to empower and inspire the next generation of basketball players who feel underrated in the sport.

As Steph is much smaller than the average NBA player, he encourages others to follow their dreams no matter their size or weaknesses. Curry stands at only 6' 3" while the NBA average is 6' 7".

As basketball is quickly on the rise in Tokyo, Steph's recent visit helps to encourage more young athletes to pick up a ball and hit the court. 

"The Underrated Tour was something I had on my mind for a long time," Steph says in the video. "The late bloomers and the overlooked and guys that really have to work for any type of notoriety they get. Finding a way to reach those kids and find the next me," was what drove him to start this amazing program.

As Steph Curry has already inspired millions of people across the globe, he now has an even bigger following in Tokyo.

Although he is mostly known for his athletic ability, what he does off the court is truly creating a lasting impact on basketball players across all walks of life.

We already love Steph, his family, and what he does for the community, but we can't help but love him even more as he inspires young players to follow their dreams.

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