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BC Politician's Sign Was Vandalized With "Blackface" In Shocking Photo

This happened the same night Justin Trudeau's "brownface" photo surfaced.
Stephen Fuhr Blackface Signs Vandalized In Kelowna

All anyone can talk about right now is Justin Trudeau doing “brownface” back in 2001. Following the release of Trudeau's photos, someone took the opportunity to make a scandal out of another politician. According to a Facebook post, Stephen Fuhr’s campaign signs were vandalized with blackface on Wednesday night. The Kelowna MP has now taken to social media to solve the crime.

According to several photos posted online, Kelowna MP Stephen Fuhr had his campaign signs vandalized on Wednesday night. 

Fuhr posted two photos on his Facebook page in an attempt to figure out who had done this. He is now encouraging the public to report any vandalized signs and submit tips to the RCMP.

"Blackface" has been trending on Twitter because on Wednesday night, a photo of Justin Trudeau wearing “brownface” surfaced the internet and quickly went viral. The photos were allegedly from a party in 2001 that was "Arabian Nights" themed. 

The Prime Minister acted fast and held a press conference while on a plane. Trudeau told a few select reporters that were with him that he was sorry. He followed up by saying that he believes the act was racist although he did not see it as such at the time. 

Following the release of the first photo, two more instances of Trudeau darkening his skin have surfaced. In the new photo, you can see Trudeau wearing makeup to darken his face while he wears an afro wig. 

This is all anyone can talk about right now. Even other politicians are tweeting out their opinions on the images

In the photos posted to Stephen Fuhr’s Facebook, you can see that someone took what could be a black sharpie to Fuhr’s face on at least two different signs in Kelowna, B.C.

“So this happened overnight here in our community. Sad. If anyone has information or saw this occur please contact my campaign office at 778-436-8648 or you can contact the RCMP directly,” wrote Fuhr. 

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So far the post has been shared by several concerned people in the community. It seems as though many people in Kelowna are not expecting foul play from opposing political parties.

While Fuhr only posted the two photos, it seems as though there may be other vandalized signs. In the comment section, several people have mentioned seeing other vandalized signs around Kelowna. 

Narcity has reached out to Fuhr and his campaign office for a comment. Other than the two photos posted online, no one in the campaign office has made a statement about the matter.

KelownaNow was able to secure an exclusive interview with Fuhr and will be conducting that interview later this afternoon. 

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