Stephen King's New Movie On Netflix Canada Is Part Of Their "Netflix & Chills" Campaign

It also has a cool Canadian connection!
Stephen King's New Movie On Netflix Canada Is Part Of Their "Netflix & Chills" Campaign

With fall starting next week, we're all gearing up for spooky season which may arguably be the best time of the year. Netflix certainly thinks so. They just announced their "Netflix & Chills" campaign that'll see a bunch of creepy movies and series hitting the platform from now until Halloween. One of the movies included is an original called In The Tall Grass, that was adapted from a Stephen King novel.

In The Tall Grass is about two siblings who attempt to rescue a crying boy in a field of grass but what they find is anything but a boy. They're captured by a "sinister force" that leads them to meet other people who are also trapped in the grass. 

The movie stars Patrick Wilson, Harrison Gilbertson, Laysla De Oliveira, Avery Whitted, Will Buie Jr., and Rachel Wilson. Like It, another Stephen King adaptation, this film also has another Canadian connection: the director is Canadian. Vincenzo Natali is the director who was raised in Toronto and also directed the movie Splice

Netflix just recently released the trailer and we have to admit it looks super creepy. There's just something about that grass that throws you off.

Twitter Movies reaction to the trailer is definitely an accurate representation of literally anyone who's watched it. 

The movie will begin streaming on Netflix Canada October 4, the perfect time to start your "Netflix & Chills" marathon!

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