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10 Places To Satisfy Your Pizza Craving In St. John's

There's always time for pizza.
10 Places To Satisfy Your Pizza Craving In St. John's

When you're not sure how to satisfy your craving — the answer is always pizza. Meat lovers, veggie, Hawaiian, or your regular pep and cheese. Anytime and anywhere pizza is always a good idea. Nowadays you can get anything on your za so there's always a way to please everyone.

Whether is be 3am or 3pm there is an answer to all your pizza prayers. If you're new to the city or looking to switch things up a little, here is a list of some of the tastiest places to grab a slice or three.

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Big Bite Pizza // 20 Churchill Sq.

My go to spot for pizza more often than not. They have some of the best slices around and is always fresh. Also, don't forget the cheddar chipotle dip, it's just not complete without it. Also, they have some of the best donair's around for all those hungry meat eaters out there.

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No Name Pizza // 30 Ropewalk Ln.

Home to the giant slice of pizza on Wednesday's for $2.50. So huge and so delicious every time and don't skimp out on the cheese — the best part. This pizza spot is in centre city so it's close to everyone. If you're looking for a deal and "starved to det" then drop by!

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Old Town Pizza // 279 Portugal Cove Rd.

Known for their awesome slices and yummy bread. You know what I'm talking about, the deadly bread sticks stuffed with cheese. Old Town has two locations to serve their high demands and with good reason. This place will complete your Friday night every weekend.

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Topsail Road Pizzeria // 662 Topsail Rd.

This Pizzeria has been around for years, making the pizza everyone loves. They know how to make a mean pizza and deliver the best service. Why not stop by and get a slice topped with all your favourites.

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Stoggers' Pizza // 4 Ricketts Rd.

Nothing beats a late night pizza and a few cold ones like a Stoggers'. There's no better way to kick off your weekend then a get together over pizza. Grab a few brew and order up!

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Pi Gourmet Eatery // 10 King's Rd.

Pi Gourmet does pizza in the fanciest way possible. Their names says it all and their pizza is mouth watering with every bite. Grab your lady friend and or stud muffing and treat your tastebuds. A personal favourite of mine is Einstein — so damn good.

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Venice Pizza // 81 Military Rd.

Raise your hands if know how delicious Venice pizza is. If this pizza spot doesn't cure your craving then I don't know what will. Just across the street from Bannerman Park it's the perfect place to grab a slice and hit up the park. Bring a blanket and you're golden.

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Sal's Pizza // George St.

Everyone is guilty of having a slice of Sal's whether you remember it or not. Strategically located on George for all those drunk pizza lovers. Nothing like a slice of Sal's to sober you up a little after a night on George.

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Pizza Pro's // 15 Prince of Wales St.

Located in the heart of the city, it's an excellent place for supper. They offer 2-for-1 pizza's specials everyday! They also have donairs and delicious burgers. It doesn't get much better than that — pizza for days.

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Olio Pizza // 77 Harvey Rd.

At Olio your the boss of your pizza. Make your own and enjoy every bite. They have a huge ingredient list to choose from! Your options include corn, pulled pork and caramelized onions to name a few. You and your friends need to stop by and customize every slice!

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