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10 Cute Towns In Newfoundland That Are Definitely Worth The Road Trip

Looking to hit the road this winter with a few of the by's? You've been to Gros Morne more times than you can count. You want to stop by a fun place outside the city for a weekend away. A place where you gain some solitude but can also have a deadly cabin party. A place where you can make memories with your partner or with your closest friends.

Getting away for the weekend is easier with these excellent options. Make it a short and sweet drive or an excursion —  these towns won't let you and your crew down!

1. Trinity

A quiet, cozy community located on the eastern region of Newfoundland. Home to charming coffee houses and souvenir shops. Trinity was also home to a lively amusement park called Trinity Loop. The Loop had a pool, a small ferris wheel and a train that ran throughout the park. Unfortunately Trinity Loop is now abandoned but still loved by visitors. Although the locals think it's a sight for sore eyes, the Loop is still a tourist attraction none the less.

Distance: 3 hours and 5 minutes. 

2. Bonavista

One of the best spots to get away for the weekend. This little town is full of fun actives for everyone. While you're there you have to stop by the lighthouse, Dungeon Provincial Park and don't forget to grab a bite to eat at Bonavista Social Club. If you love nature drop by Tuckamore Discoveries, where you'll see whales, puffins and other wildlife. If you haven't been to Bonavista then this should be your next destination with Bae.

Distance: 3 hours and 41 minutes.

3. Twillingate

Iceberg city and whales galore! A long drive but worth every drop of gas. Twillingate is loaded with iceberg tours, whale tours, adventure tours. Tons of hiking trails and fun and interesting museums. One fantastic point of interest is Prime Berth Fishing Museum where they have an authentic whale skeleton. Twillingate also has dinner theatres and art galleries. Oh and did I mention they have a winery? Auk Island winery has a multitude of wines made from local berries and they are absolutely exquisite. Wine, icebergs and whale watching — how can you go wrong?

Distance: 5 hours and 11 minutes.

4. Brigus

A small town that's a perfect getaway from the craziness of St. John's. Brigus holds their annual Blueberry Festival in the summer and it's always jam packed. The festival has raffles, craft booths, pie eating contests dances and to top it all off fireworks at the waterfront. In the winter months try some delicious blueberry deserts at the Country Corner Restaurant.

Distance: 1 hour.

5. Ferryland

Located on the avalon, Ferryland is the perfect Sunday drive. Here you'll hike to see the lighthouse, take in the view of the ocean and have a picnic. There is also have an archaeological site called Colony of Avalon. Where you can see the artifacts they have discovered and take a tour of the site. A great spot to do some hiking and brush up on your history.

Distance: 1 hour and 19 minutes.

6. Port de Grave, Conception Bay

Known for their annual boat lighting, which brings in people by the hundreds. Conception Bay is a great spot to spend the day and explore. Port de Grave is surrounded by other little communities which make up Conception Bay. Here you can drive around and take in the cute fishing villages and old homes.

Distance: 1 hour and 13 minutes.

7. Dildo

You can guess why many travel to this town. Unlike the hilarious name, Dildo is actually pretty charming! I have had the best fish and chips I've ever had at Dildo Dory Grill. I would drive almost 2 hours just for a feed of this fee and chee no problem. Along with a deadly meal you can walk around the beach and sit back and relax. You can even visit their interpretation centre and museum. If anything go out and have a feed for the day!

Distance: 1 hour and 35 minutes. 

8. Harbour Grace

If you like shipwrecks then you need to stop by Harbour Grace. The SS Kyle, originally from England and built in 1913. Unfortunately, in 1967 an iceberg accident caused the SS Kyle to be moored in the Harbour Grace harbour and later drifted into Riverhead. Today this piece of history is a tourist attraction and one of the highlights for Harbour Grace. The town itself is full of old churches and museums. Get out and stretch your legs in Harbour Grace.

Distance: 1 hour and 43 minutes.

9. Petty Harbour

So cute you won't believe it's only a half an hour outside St. John's. Petty Harbour has developed over the years and has a variety of fun attractions. Here you can go zip-lining at North Atlantic Ziplines, visit the Mini Aquarium and have supper at Chafe's Landing all in one day! The drive there is beautiful and the town is even better.

Distance: 25 minutes.

10. Clarenville

More developed then the rest of the communities listed above. This one makes the list because of White Hills ski resort! The drive may numb your ass but it's worth it when you hit the slopes. Clarenville has a bunch of restaurants to choose from but one of the best would have to be Rod's Restaurant. Where you can get an awesome plate of fish and chips. While you're visiting Clarenville be sure to visit The Lake Side at Thorburn and Bare Mountain Trail.

Distance: 2 hour and 20 minutes.

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