When you're starved to "det" you'll eat almost anything. You've been day dreaming about your favourite meal for hours. You can't stop thinking about food but you only have $10 in your pocket. What can you get for only 10 bucks? Well lucky for you there are several options around for just that!

We've listed some popular places to grab a bite to eat that will please you and your piggy bank. There are restaurants for all tastebuds to enjoy! So what are you waiting for? Grab a buddy and dart over to these delicious places!

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International Flavours // 4 Quidi Vidi Rd.

My go-to spot when I'm too lazy to cook up a scoff. So satisfying and filling every time. The friendly staff will always bring a smile to your face. Their menu isn't huge but it doesn't have to be when it's this appetizing. Try a medium vegetable rice platter for under $10 and you'll know what I'm talking about.

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Sushi Island // 210 Water St.

One of the best sushi spots around hands down. With exceptional service and amazing fresh sushi this place will leave you coming back for more. They have all you can eat along with other menu items. Why not try some sushi rolls or vegetable udon for $8.50!

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RJ Pinyo Yum // 38 Ropewalk Lane

Feast your eyes on some filipino cuisine. The best around town and will satisfy your craving. They have excellent prices and their food is super tasty. You need to try their steam buns and shu mai. If you're really hungry try one of their Pinyo combos! All except one are under $10!

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Peaceful Loft // 250 Duckworth St.

A family based restaurant with some delicious authentic dishes. Located on Duckworth street this vegetarian restaurant provides unlimited green tea, a relaxing atmosphere and topped with a little extra charm. Why not try one of their tofu rice dishes for under $10!

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Hungry Heart Café // 142 Military Rd.

Hungry Heart Cafe is known for being socially responsible. They give back to the community over and over again. Their menu is filled with amazing eats and it should be no surprise. They have cheaper menu options like soup of the day for only $6!

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Mohamed Ali // 177 Duckworth St.

If you love middle eastern cuisine then you need to stop by. Their menu is filled with items for under $10 so it's hard to pick just one. But I would recommend trying their chicken shawarma for $8.00 or their felafel for $7.25. No doubt you'll leave with a happy belly.

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Classic Cafe // 73 Duckworth St.

Known for their amazing breakfast menu but they also serve a deadly dinner as well! While darting around downtown you need to swing by to try their classic burger, chicken fingers, our their garden Italian wrap. All for under the low price of $10!

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The Pantry Cafe & Catering // Clinche Cres.

The Pantry Cafe is associated with the autism society of Newfoundland and Labrador. So when you support them you're also supporting the cause! You can chow down feeling good in every way possible. When you swing by you need to try their curry chicken sandwich for $8.95 or a small salad for under $10.

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Get Stuffed // 190 Duckworth St.

The name speaks for itself. One of my favourites located downtown. Their cozy atmosphere and their generous food portions will leave you a happy human. While there are many items on the menu to choose from you need to order up some fresh Newfoundland cod cakes served with mustard pickles. Of course all under $10!

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Leo's Fish and Chips // 27 Freshwater rd.

This restaurant is one place that has the majority of their menu items for under $10. If you don't like seafood then don't even sweat it! They have chicken wings, fries, sandwiches, burgers, and poutines as well. But if you're really curious they offer medium fish and chips for $10.

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Formosa Tea House // 15 Lemarchant Rd.

This little tea house is such a gem. They offer a wide variety of options that make your tastebuds pop. Build your own dinner by choosing from steam buns, dumplings, rolls, noodles or rice. Enjoy a meal for under $10 today!