Darting around St. John's can be repetitive if you're constantly visiting the same stores over and over again. So spice up your life with some of these cute spots. They have been right in front of you this whole time but you were probably too busy to notice.

These shops and cafes will make you wonder why you haven't been in them before. They are all awesome in their own way and worth checking out.

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1. The Seed Company // 9 Buchanan St.

Green thumbs or not this place is so intriguing. It really makes you want to grow some little seeds of your own. They have been around for ages and continue to serve the public one seed at a time. They also have a wide variety of Smart Herb gardens, which are actually amazing. Among all the seeds they offer they also hold workshops. Which is something you should totally check out.

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2. Livyers Antique Dealer // 202 Duckworth St.

You've probably passed this store more than once while walking down Duckworth. With so many trinkets and old gadgets it's worth the look! They have things I used to see back in the 90's. Old records, license plates, model cars, glass figures. You name it they probably have it or sold it.

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3. The Natural Health Shop // 16 Stavanger Dr.

This spot is such a delight, the staff are so helpful and friendly. They sell an assortment of magical crystals, health books, vitamins, beauty products that are all health conscious. If you're looking to get some good incense or want to better your body then this is the spot. They have something for everyone.

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4. SPCA Thrift Store // 1062 Topsail Rd.

Who doesn't love a good thrift shop? Especially if it's going to a good cause. The SPCA have their very own thrift shop located on Topsail road. All sales go to those little furballs to better their lives. Unlike other thrift stores where you get inflated prices this spot it right on the money. Excellent prices, for awesome goods, for an amazing cause. It's a win-win situation.

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5. Sparckily Apparel // 562 Water St.

This place it tucked away on the end of Water street. I myself only discovered it several months ago, but so happy I came across it! They have so many colourful leggings you'll want to buy all of them. They also have clothing for men and kids. Do yourself a favour and drop by.

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6. Model Citizen // 183 Duckworth St.

You've probably seen this a hundred times but have you actually gone in? Their clothing is so unique and beautiful you'll want to try it all on. They carry clothing lines by the name of Jane Down The Lane, Cult Atlantic, Figgyduff Dory. You've definitely seen these around town. So next time you're window shopping why not take a closer look?

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7. A-Vintage Shop //  572 Water St.

A-Vintage shop is the definition of hidden gems. It has so many cool things to look at you'll be in there for a while. Just by looking at the window you know you'll be back again. Nestled away on the end of Water street you can't miss out on this shop. Remember what they say, one man's trash is another mans treasure!


8. Georgestown Cafe and Bookshelf // 73 Hayward Ave.

What an awesome concept for a cafe. They encourage people to come in bring a book, even take a book, sit down and read. They serve fair trade/organic coffee and tea so they're off to a running start. Just minutes from downtown you'll be glad you stopped by. So grab that book you've been wanting to read and treat yourself.

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9. Craft Council - Clay studio // 59 Duckworth St.

This is the prefect spot for any crafty person. The Craft Council offers a place to sit down and try your hand at pottery. It's hella fun and such a laugh once you get your groove on. They have classes and also offer open studio sessions. If you're looking to do something new then you've got to try this.

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10. Eastern Edge Gallery // 72 Harbour Dr.

One of the smaller galleries in St. John's but they have some pretty awesome stuff. St. John's first artist run centre exhibiting contemporary Canadian and international art. Eastern Edge also dedicated and encourages local activity. Put on your bucket list to visit this gallery when they have another show.