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9 Places To Visit In St. John's For A True Taste of Newfoundland

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Colourful houses along Victoria Street in downtown St. John's.

Colourful houses along Victoria Street in downtown St. John's.


Newfoundland is such a unique province and locals just love to show it off. Trying to figure out what places to see and landmarks to visit can be overwhelming in a city with so much charm and history.

There are plenty of shops, restaurants, monuments and other hidden gems Newfoundlanders want to show CFAs (Come From Away) on a mission give visiting friends and family a good time.

Below is a list of fun places to explore that you, as a local, will enjoy as well. After all, being a tourist at home will never get old.

Here are 9 St. John's activities to help you discover what this Atlantic city has to offer:

Signal Hill

Location: Signal Hill Road

You'll catch a glimpse of Signal Hill before landing in YYT, but it is worth taking a trip up yourself once you've arrived. Complete with hiking trails, old military sites, barracks and cannons, alongside beautiful landscapes. If you go at night, the city shines brightly from Signal Hill's vantage points over the harbour below.

Cape Spear

Location: 12 kilometres southeast of St. John's, Route 11

Why not frolic about on the most Easterly point in North America? Cape Spear is one of those places you have to see. It holds a lot of history and boasts scenic views of the ruggedly beautiful coastline. Take it all in on the edge of the East Coast — there's even a lighthouse to visit!

George Street

Location: The two-block street of bars is found in the heart of downtown.

Make sure if it is their first time visiting, they get the royal Screech-In ceremony. One does not simply visit Newfoundland without kissing the cod. George Street is home to many proud pubs and bars that would be happy to help christen newcomers, giving locals a fun show too.

Spirit of Newfoundland 

Location: 6 Cathedral St.

A night of pure entertainment can be found at the Spirit of Newfoundland. A world class dinner theatre showcasing many local talents and telling stories of Newfoundland that natives to share. You can also check out their screech room for another Screech-In ceremony and taste a piece of screech cake to boot.


Location: About an hour's drive west from St. John's

While this is not exactly in St. John's, everyone wants a photo with this road sign, we know. So do your traveling friend a favour, and take the trip out of the city to Dildo, admiring the Avalon Peninsula's countryside. Jimmy Kimmel is even an honorary mayor of the small fishing town.

The Duke of Duckworth

Location: 325 Duckworth St.

Did you even go to Newfoundland if you didn't have fish and chips? Probably not. You need to try them at the Duke of Duckworth. Legends even say the classic joint is home to a mischievous ghost named Fred.

The Johnson Geo Centre

Location: 175 Signal Hill Rd.

A dream come true for science and history lovers. From wildlife to people and the province's past, the Geo Centre makes it easy to learn about Newfoundland in an interactive way. It only makes sense to make this a stop on your St. John's tour.

Middle Cove Beach

Location: Logy Bay — Middle Cove — Outer Cove, 15 minute drive from St. John's.

You have to take someone visiting Newfoundland to the beach, it's only fair. Surrounded by ocean and impressive cliffs, it can be easy to take it for granted. Come during the famous capelin run or simply set up a campfire as the waves roll in.

The Rooms

Location: 9 Bonaventure Ave.

The Rooms is home to some beautiful art and stunning sights. You will want to grab lunch at the Rooms Café and admire the sweeping views over the harbour, downtown and Signal Hill. Centrally located, this is a definite on any St. Johns travel itinerary.

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