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10 Places To Visit In Newfoundland If You're Broke But Love To Travel

Discover the beauty around you!

With Spring break just around the corner you're already researching your next big trip — but where? You can't afford to break the bank and lets face it, living in Newfoundland is already expensive AF. So where should you start adventuring that's easy on your wallet? Sometimes the answer is right in front of you.

Yup, a staycation. With so many beautiful places in Newfoundland why stress over spending big money? We did our homework and found a few local travel destinations that will please you and your wallet.

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1. Gros Morne National Park

Oh the west coast is absolutely stunning. With so many fun activities to do all year round, there's no reason why you shouldn't pack your bags. Gros Morne is prime location to go hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing, swimming and the list is endless. The 8 hour ass numbing drive is totally worth it. Besides when you get there you won't be doing much sitting. There are tons of camp grounds and chalets to stay. If this isn't on your 2017 bucket list then add it ASAP!

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2. Twillingate

One of the best places to be amazed by icebergs. Peak season for visiting Twillingate is the Spring. That way you can catch all the icebergs floating down the Avalon. This is the best place to show off your photography skills and boost your Insta feed. With so much charm in this little community you'll wonder why you never visited sooner. They also have amazing whale tours that will blow you away.

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3. The Arches Provincial Park

Newfoundland's very own Arches Provincial Park. In the town of Portland Creek, this is a stop you need to make. One of the most photographed places in Newfoundland. Where limestone is carved into a masterpiece that's a huge tourist attraction. There are several picnic tables around where you can pack a lunch while you enjoy the scenery.

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4. Cape St. Mary's

A beautiful view of the ocean and hundreds of birds! Cape St. Mary's is where many gannets and puffins call home. Explore the beaten path and discover the beauty of mother nature. If you love nature then this is the spot for you. Other wildlife roam around such as moose, eiders, eagles, osprey and various other animals.

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5. Salmonier Nature Park

Only an hour away it's the perfect day trip. An animal lovers dream, the park is full of cute furballs and animals alike. The trail is a loop around to visit each animal in their home. Along the way you'll see a bald eagle, snowy white owl, caribou, moose and otters to name a few. The perfect place to practice your photography and stretch your legs.

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6. Fogo Island

One of the coolest pieces of architecture in Newfoundland. Fogo Island Inn is a recent addition to the Island. This magnificent piece of work has a lot to offer! Where else can you indulge in a meal from one of Canada's best chefs, choose from a library full of books, view the art pieces in the art gallery and have a spa day all in one weekend?

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7. Dungeon Provincial Park

Located in Bonavista this park is a major tourist attraction. Another piece of work that has been crafted by the Atlantic ocean. Lace up and hike the 2km trail along the scenic coast line. While you're visiting this park be sure to take advantage of the various other trails in Bonavista.

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8. Sandbanks Provincial Park

This is a hidden gem everyone has to visit. Located near the town of Burgeo is a beautiful sandy beach! Yup, we're talkin' actual sand. It's believed that it was inhabited by Dorset Eskimo's long before European settlement. There is also a Dorset archaeological site in a small cove. Pack your sunscreen and hit the beach!

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9. Northern Bay Sands

One of the few sandy beaches in Newfoundland. An excellent getaway for the weekend to sit and become a professional beach bum. Exfoliate your hands, toes, face and dat ass. You can even go for a dip but it's pretty chilly! Bring a lunch, towels and load up on sun screen and you're all set. Northern Bay Sands is one of my favourite spots to spend the weekend.

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10. East Coast Trail

We've listed many different trails but maybe it's time to just hike the whole damn thing! This 265 km trail is worth every blister! Be sure to pack lots of food, a good tent, sleeping bag and compass. Start your adventure at Cape St. Francis and head 45 kms to St. John's. From there you'll hit up Fort Amherst and hike 220 km to Cappahayden on the southern shore. Along the way you'll see breath taking cliffs, wildlife and sea stacks to name a few. If you're not up to the entire trail there are 26 different trails to choose from.